Yay!!!! Its finally here!!! We Travel In Color is the FIRST adult travel coloring book. We Travel in Color was inspired by the @mytravelcrush community Filled with 25 inspiring illustrations, this...
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Want to spend Christmas in Wakanda?

Hey Crushes. Wouldn't it be great to spend Christmas in Wakanda? WELP. Here is the next best thing. Here is holiday gear for the whole family.  Click here to shop. SHOP...
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Barbados Crop Over – A Festival to Remember!

Previously, I had very limited knowledge on the festival known as Crop Over; Barbados' largest national festival. A big reason for this was the fact that Crop Over runs during the same time as...
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East of Israel across the world famous Dead Sea lies a country that many may opt to skip simply because its approximately to countries in conflict. The country of Jordan is an absolute ancient gem;...
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Stay-Eat-Do: A Snapshot Guide to Barcelona

Barcelona was never on my bucket list. The opportunity presented itself last year when a dear friend of ours asked if we’d like to go for his birthday. Our desire to go was three-fold, well, four if you count I, and less so my husband love to explore new places. For...

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Ultimate Guide to Flight Deals

Let's be honest, the crazy price of a flight to your dream destination can be downright discouraging. But it doesn't have to be! Cheap flights are well within reach if you know where to look. Here are my tips for snagging Flight Deals. 1. Be flexible WHEN you travel...

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My Travel Crush: Jeffery

Please tell us a little something about yourself. Well…Let’s see. I love bacon. I’m not sure how much more comprehensive I can be. That’s pretty much it. Aside from that, I’m a proud native of Chicago’s South Side. And although I’ve been in DC for nearly 11 years...

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How to Travel with a Full Time Job

In one year, I visited 5 destinations with only two being outside the U.S. Earlier this week, a friend of mine posted this as his Facebook status:  Maybe I’m hating, but I’m seeing people take 4 and 5 vacations a year. When do you guys get time to work?  After...

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5 Tips For Using Your Mobile Phone Abroad

Are you going on a business trip, studying abroad or planning to explore a new city? In these times, if you’re young or old, it is almost impossible to not keep in touch with loved ones. Traveling abroad shouldn’t be an excuse to stay disconnected. Here are 5 tips for...

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Why Wait? Travel Solo

I found myself looking at a photographer’s travel diary and wishing I was the girl in the photos. You never saw her face, just her hand leading him through these remarkable destinations all around the world. And I thought, “wow, I can’t wait to do this with my...

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Traveling to the Caribbean on a Budget

The days are getting longer, kids are out of school and you been saving those vacation days since the holidays so you can get away from your annoying coworker who talks about how cute her dogs are everyday. The thought of going on a vacation, sitting on the beach with...

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5 People to Consider when Planning a Group Trip

A group trip usually starts when a person, or two, decides they want to celebrate something or go somewhere. They mention it to a few people and before they know it, the whole gang is going. AWESOME! Now you have to plan to accommodate everyone and their interests,...

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How To Travel More for Less

Hi, Ladies I am busy planning my YEAR ABROAD. I am super excited and looking for ways to save money and ensure safe travels. Here are a few cost saving  tips and items!  More about my trip to come… The following are  excellent tips on how to save money for a World...

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