Our goal is to inspire, connect, and grow with our community from all around the world. 

Yes, we plan private and group trips, too! 

Has MyTravelCrush travel photos been catching your eye, but don’t fit your schedule? Do you want a more personalized itinerary that can accommodate your schedule and afford you the opportunity to visit all the beautiful and exotic places you’ve dreamed of?

Are you ready to make the transition from an occasional tourist to a regular traveler?

At MyTravelCrush, we have a well-defined goal of building a global community of people from all walks of life. Our mission is to inspire, connect, and grow with community members. That is what we are passion about.

To achieve our goal, we plan private trips for MyTravelCrush members to any part of the world. Solo traveler? No problem. Group trips? We plan them too; we’ve got you fully covered. With access to 70k+ members of the MyTravelCrush community, we can help you find the best locations, booking services, and travel tips tailored to fit your budgeting needs.

Let us plan your next trip. Private travel planning services start at $350 and can be tailored to fit your budget and travel needs.

Ready to live a life others think is photoshopped? Send us an email to get started!

The MyTravelCrush Experience: 

Here are reasons why we are your best bet:

• Experienced and professional staff with extensive knowledge of major destinations of the world.

• Ensure customer satisfaction through our dedication to outstanding travel service.

• Second-to-none values garnered from our direct and personal relationship with our local partners.

• Stress-free journeys with the goal of helping you get the best out of your trip

• Customizable trips, whether as a group, an individual, or a family.

• The best packages and tours, regardless of your destination point.

• Memorable travel experiences that are not only inspirational, but educational.

MyTravelCrush Trips

•  Group Trips
•  25 – 30 Participants
•  Unique Itineraries

Customized Itineraries

•  Dream-inspired, enriching itineraries
•  Pay for as much or as little as you need
•  Free initial consultation

Specialized Trips

•   Honeymoons
•  Birthdays
•  Unique Itineraries



Travel Chat

•  One on one virtual sessions where we help you address your questions
•  New or solo traveler anxiety provoking concerns
• Business advice , travel strategies and planning
• Just talk 

Social Media Promotion

•  Development of social media campaigns
•  Development of social media strategies
•  Pair clients with influencers

Travel Concierge

•  Trip planning
•  Relocation advice
•  And much more!