Planning is the best way to ensure you get the best travel deals possible. There are a lot of myths about booking flights, one being that there are certain hours or days when flights are cheapest. But the truth is that flight prices change hour to hour, and day by day. The only ways to find the best deals are to adopt favorable booking habits, which include using comparative searching engines well in advance, using flight alert sites, taking advantage of travel groups, and using alternative accommodations. This blog post will take you through these travel essentials to help you maximize your travel experience.

Best Travel Search Engines

  • Offers a unique bidding service that allows you to choose how much you want to pay for your flight, using the “Name Your Own Price” tool.
  • The bidding option can land you a non-stop or single stop flight, while saving you up to 40%

  • Saves all your recent searches so that you can come back to them at any time.
  • Cheap Tickets’ results also come with a matrix listing all the most affordable rates offered by each airline.

  • Allows you to filter your searches based on airline and airline alliances.
  • Changes are modified automatically.
  • Google Flights does not allow you to book flights directly from the site, rather it connects you to other sites that sell the tickets

  • Their flexible flight searches allow you to compare prices for flights per month, and even for the entire year.
  • There are more flight options for more popular routes that other consumers have also searched for.


  • Booking is extremely fast and easy.
  • Airbnb can be accessed through by any computer or mobile device with internet connection.
  • Airbnb listings are available worldwide.
  • In addition to offering accommodations on their website and app, Airbnb also provide places to visit, performances/entertainment, and restaurants near your destination

  • Accommodations may be easily booked from any computer or mobile device.
  • The company encourages consumers to be themselves. It is guaranteed that those who book with Innclusive will not face discrimination of any kind.
  • The company is a Black owned business; thus, you are putting money into the Black community and building opportunity for Black individuals.

  • Couch surfing is very affordable.
  • Travelers can experience the new country or city with locals who know the area best.
  • There is a chance of meeting with new, interesting people.

Jobs Overseas &/or Online

  • English teachers a sought after all over the world.
  • As an English speaker, you already have the skill set required.
  • Teaching English is a good way to learn the native language.
  • Pay is decent. Based on the company.
  • Room and board, and travel expenses are often covered.
  • Must be fluent in at least two languages.
  • Translators are needed all over the world for international business, legal circumstances, interpreting documents, and much more.
  • Requires years of studying and language emersion.
  • Work for a company that connects you with those in need of translators. Such companies include Freelancer and SDL Careers.
  • An au pair looks after young children, while being given the privilege to experience a new country and immerse themselves in the culture and language.
  • Typically, travel costs, lodging, food, and other living expenses are covered in exchange for your nannying services.
  • Vlog or blog about your experience.
  • Those who can travel can share their experiences with others looking to immerse themselves in new places by means of traditional blogging and video blogging (Vlogging).
  • If you generate a strong enough following, your personal travel diary can become your main money maker

Travel Groups

Black Girl Travel

• Creates year-round travel opportunities for Black women.

 Trips span from Italy, Paris, South Africa, Greece, Tonga, Morocco, Dubai, Egypt, and so much more, but trips to Italy are the company’s specialty.

 Every year, Black Girl Travel organizes “Bella Italia,” which is their infamous Italian getaway.

 Their website also offers travel resources, stories, and travel tips.

Nomadness Travel Tribe

• An online community of over 15,000 people within the international travel industry.

• Offers advice, photos, and a forum to discuss personal travel experiences worldwide.

Travel Noire

• The company “hand selects the most amazing individuals from the African diaspora, who reside all over the globe, to share their love of culture and exploration with you”

• Does not organize and plan trips, rather it finds travelers living exceptional adventures and puts you in contact with them, so that you can do the same.

• Full of resources and stories from Black travelers who have been to Loudoun, Bucharest, Cuba Morocco, Portugal, and everywhere in between.

Saving Strategies


Using alternative airports is a great way to save money traveling. For example, if your destination is San Francisco, instead of flying into SFO, which is a popular travel hub, fly into less traveled options such as Oakland, Sacramento, or San Jose. Rates will be much cheaper in these locations, even though they are near of your destination


Consider traveling off peak season to save money. Travel is always more expensive around highly desired seasons. For example, peak season for Europe include summer months. South America’s peak months are reverse of North Americas. In the U.S. January and February are low demand.


Use a credit card that accumulates points and travel miles. If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, you can use credit cards to limit cash expenditures. Using a credit card for travel expenses can also allow you to build travel points or miles for later use. If you accumulate enough, you can potentially travel for free


If travel is your main priority, you can make it number one by sacrificing in other arears. For example, if you plan to be in a new country month to month, then owning a house in your home county is an unnecessary expense, as is having a car. By eliminating a mortgage or rent payment and car payment, you will have enough money to pay for accommodations and rental cars on the go (considering you are generating enough revenue from your job). This step can also be used for occasional travelers by cutting costs in areas of your life that you can sacrifice.

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