I found myself looking at a photographer’s travel diary and wishing I was the girl in the photos. You never saw her face, just her hand leading him through these remarkable destinations all around the world. And I thought, “wow, I can’t wait to do this with my husband”. So back to Target I go to look for single men. My “one day” turned into “this year” to “next year” then to “when I get married”. Before I knew it, years had gone by just waiting for a man to take me. These destinations aren’t waiting for me to find someone. Life doesn’t stop happening because I refuse to go at it alone. So I decided to stop wasting time while my bucket list got longer and longer. Finally, I’m out of here! I’m off to see the world. My significant other will have to let me be his tour guide whenever he decides to join me for the ride. As of right now, I’m riding solo dolo. This realization was so liberating just like the world around us! I’m free to go wherever and whenever without having to ask permission to stay up late drinking Mai Tai’s. I am accountable for only myself and my actions, less stress, less worry.

It’s okay to travel solo

Guess what, despite what the world says? It’s okay to be single and travel. We get so wrapped up in putting our trust in someone else that we forget what we are capable of doing independently. Once you travel, it stretches you out of your comfort zone, and you’ll never return to the same dimensions. You’ll all of a sudden be okay with your hair being messy and your feet being dirty because you did something you’ve never done before. You won’t think twice about how society will view you. Being alone does not mean being lonely. You went somewhere you’ve never gone before and you had fun doing it and that’s all that matters. Never deny yourself that treasure of life just because, you don’t fit society’s standard. If you want to take a selfie with the Eiffel Tower or, do a solo romantic gondola ride, by all means, do it! Nothing is stopping you except for you falling victim to society’s standard of women who travel alone. Show the world you are unique because, hiding behind a man doesn’t do any justice.

Travel opens your eyes

You’ll think that you are viewing the world though a different lens but, you’re actually seeing it from a deeper perspective, one that is not distorted. Travel is just another outlet to learn something new about yourself without the influence of someone else. It’s empowering to survive on your wits and strength alone and it is something that, no man can give or take away. It has to be grown and harvested from within. Traveling urges you to fortify the fabric that makes you, you! So what if you had to take a selfie with the Eiffel Tower or do a solo gondola ride. This time is for you! Indulge in yourself.

Travel opens your heart

Traveling solo gives you that time to get to know your soul. You can reflect on the gap between who you are and who you want to be, and how to get there. Enjoy the intimate conversations with your heart. Let it be excited, scared, joyful, and hopeful. You’ll learn what makes it skip a beat and swell with pride. It will learn humility and compassion of the human spirit from each culture you meet. Reflect on the scars and let them heal. Being single allows your heart to breathe and not feel ashamed of the wounds. Traveling mends spirits. It fills the space with things you didn’t even know were missing. It fills it with the taste of a Thai meal, the touch from a majestic elephant, or the stillness of a Buddhist temple. When you are lost, you find yourself and that, is something no one can ever do for you. Travel solo and give yourself time alone and, finally when it’s your time to meet him, he would have travel across regions and cultures to find you. He’ll listen to his heart and it too will flutter and, soon will begin the journey of two wanderlust souls. So don’t hesitate. The world is waiting.

Do you travel alone? How has it been for you?