Hi I’m Tosin (@tosinfinityandbeyond) and I’ll love to tell you a little about myself. I was born in Gabon, raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Budapest, Hungary and Atlanta, Georgia in USA. I went to school in Chicago, Illinois and finished schooling in Baltimore, Maryland. I am now teaching in Suphanburi, Thailand. Growing up in multiple cities definitely played a huge role in my wanderlust. I’m 25 years old and I’ve traveled to 35 countries. It’s not the life I thought I’d have. When I was little I used to perform surgery on my Barbie dolls. I thought thought my future would be: surgeon, on humans and not on Barbie dolls. Turns out it isn’t my path. I am now and expat science educator loving traveling the world.

What does travel mean to you?
Travel means leaving your comfort zone to experience something bigger than you. To see different way of living and being. To try new food or participate in a cultural activity. Traveling means finding a little bit more of myself and becoming the best version of you.

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What do you love the most about traveling?
I love traveling so much because of the people I get to meet. It’s scary sometimes to imagine my life without the people I met while traveling. I also love traveling because I get to see things I grew up seeing on TV in person. I get to live out my dreams.

Where have you traveled internationally?
I’ve traveled to quite a lot of places internationally. I traveled to all the Southeast Asia countries. I also travelled to India, China, Taiwan, Australia, Netherlands and so many more. Since I’ve been living in Thailand for the past 2 years, it made traveling to a lot of new countries easier.

What is your favorite place to travel and why?
My favorite place to travel to is London, England. It is home to a few of my favorite things such as: Ribena, Nandos and Maltesers. Although, there are other countries in the world that offer those 3 things, I don’t think any country has the environment and feel of London. Nothing makes me happier than laying in the grass by the London Eye and just watching it turn all night.

 What inspired you to start traveling?
My mom was a huge inspiration to my traveling. She traveled a lot while I was little and she brought me along on all of her trips. Traveling now is such a normal thing to me. It feels weird when I’m not traveling.

The greatest challenge you’ve faced while traveling. Language barrier. Sometimes you end up being misunderstood or vice versa and something that could easily be cleared up if you spoke the same language because even bigger.

Have you lived abroad? Tell us about your experience.
I currently live abroad. I have been living in Bangkok, Thailand as a Science teacher for the past 2 years. It’s been the greatest decision of my life. The students respect you so much. The people I’ve met while living here and the things I’ve gotten to do. I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. I hope to keep traveling and teaching.

What is the number one place on your bucket list?
Antarctica. It’s not a normal bucket list country to want to go to but it will be my last continent to visit. I want to see the untouched country that it is and if I’m lucky even see a penguin.

What advice would you give new travelers?
You have to just leap. It will be scary. Things will come up. The most important part is that you leap. Once you spark the travel fire inside of you, it will never fade away.

Where can we find you on social media or blog?
You can follow me at @tosinfinityandbeyond . I have a few trips being planned now and hoping to move to South America soon.